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MIG-500F IGBT 380V Digital Inverter Welding Machine
  • MIG-500F IGBT 380V Digital Inverter Welding Machine

MIG-500F IGBT 380V Digital Inverter Welding Machine


  • Model: DWM006001
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Professional welding personnel preferred welding, the welder can maximum range of professional welding personnel play welding technology creativity, suitable for welding professionals using DIY.

    1.Advanced digital inverter soft switch technology, good dynamic characteristics, high reliability, electricity and energy saving.
    2.With 100 group accurate authority expert database inside, it supports adjustment of the common 13 kinds of metal, the welding performance is advanced in the world. The available welding materials are carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-silicon alloy, stainless steel 307 & 308, albronze, copper-silicon alloy, stainless steel flux, rutil flux-cored wire, basic flux-cored wire, metal flux-cored wire.
    3.The Pulse MIG truly achieve A pulse one drop, while base value transition, there is no splash, good welding formation, especially suitable for the welding of non-ferrous metal such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel and copper alloy.
    4.Advanced double pulse MIG welding process, overlie a pulse on the base of pulse MIG, the performance of fish-scale pattern can be realized without swing.
    5.It is the first one to use the DEVICENET inside the welding machine, it could conect to robot and special system, easy to achieve automatical welding
    6.The wire feeder adopt dual drive, it has the function of speed feedback to ensure the stability of wire feed speed. The parameters could be set, such as inching wire feed speed, soft start speed, gas pre-flow and gas post-flow, burn-back time, start current and end current and etc.
    7.It’s able to realize the centralized monitoring and control, software upgrade and Remote diagnosis, it could continuously record the welding date, time, setting, welding current and voltage, arc breaking, short circuit, alarm and etc, convenient to record and control the quality.
    8.It has 2T, 4T, Spot welding, special system and Aluminum welding mode, easy to accomplish the special system and Aluminum welding.
    9.Full digital control, good coherence, steady performance, it is not affected by temperature, humidity and the ageing of component.
    10.It has over heat, over current, over voltage, also perfect self diagnosis function.







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