Company profile

Innovation and technology are the cornerstone of our development. Founded in 2003, Shenzhen fortune weld has realized a variety of products to change the industrial structure and the independent research and development and production of metal processing equipment such as welding machine and plasma cutting after years of unremitting exploration in the welding industry.

Adhering to the belief that "product is personality and quality is life", we integrate the products and technical resources of partners in China's metal processing industry, cooperate together, integrate different products in the metal processing industry, make the stability and reliability of products as important as "personality" and "life", and provide one-stop supporting services for the metal processing industry all over the world.

Provide you with all products and equipment in China's metal processing industry, and truly experience high-quality, economical, practical and personalized service channels.

We look forward to working with all metal processing practitioners around the world to write a new chapter of more brilliant manufacturing applications and create a new era of intelligent devices.